- P.M.

“I wanted to thank you for taking on my very unusual case and for all of the legal work you did in getting me a settlement. I tried several other firms before finding you, and they refused to take my case. Too unusual, no precedents, and the two that I spoke to on the phone, cut the call short. I also tried at least 4 more law firms by email but no luck. Only one got back to me and said they are not interested in my case. The others never even sent me a rejection email back. Desperate, I toyed with the idea of small claims court and approached a firm that handles small claim cases. Again, I was turned down but they gave me your name as someone who might take my case on. You were very interested in the case even though you doubted there were any similar type cases anywhere. You told me that in your opinion my case is worth more than the maximum allowed by small claims. I gave you all my records and photos for you to review. The next day you said it would be a challenge but yes, you would take my case. Throughout the process I was treated with respect, kept up to date with what was happening with my case by phone, by email and by personal meetings. In a much shorter time that I had ever anticipated, I received the phone call I had hoped for “They want to settle.” Considering that at one point I was prepared to concede that the value of my case was $25,000 or less and no one wanted to represent me, I was extremely satisfied with the $120,000 settlement you were able to obtain for me. Thank you so much for everything.”