Personal Injury Lawyer Scarborough

Personal Injury Lawyer Scarborough

When you have been involved in a slip, trip and fall accident, a motor vehicle accident, or if you’ve been denied an insurance claim from your insurance provider, you need the advice of a skilled personal injury lawyer in Scarborough. Following your accident, you have just a short timeframe to take legal action and apply for damages and benefits as a result of your personal injury. For over 40 years, Bergel, Magence has successfully handled cases just like yours in Scarborough, helping our personal injury clients and their families get the maximum settlement they deserve.

The personal injury team at Bergel, Magence LLP has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for accident victims in Scarborough. Whether you live in the community of Agincourt, Malvern, Woburn, L’Amoreaux, Miliken, Rouge Hill or anywhere else in the Scarborough region, one of our expert personal injury lawyers can help. It is extremely important that you seek legal assistance immediately after you have suffered a personal injury or if your disability claim has been denied, so we can pursue all avenues of compensation that you may be eligible to receive.

A Scarborough personal injury lawyer can inform you of your rights following an accident, and help you navigate through legal issues and insurance processes that are often overwhelming to deal with on your own. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is an excellent way to relieve some of the stress that you are feeling after a serious injury. Your Bergel, Magence LLP lawyer in Scarborough will act as your representative with the insurance company, so you can focus on your recovery, not on dealing with your insurer.

At Bergel, Magence LLP, our team of lawyers in Scarborough is here to listen to the details of your case and help you pursue compensation. Call us now at 416-665-2000 to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer about your case.

We Offer the Following Personal Injury Services in Scarborough:

The Scarborough personal injury lawyers at Bergel, Magence LLP are highly skilled in all areas of personal injury law. Don’t wait – Call us now at 416-665-2000 for a free consultation on your specific case.